Get ready to show your remarkable achivement and contribution for the nation. We’re committed to continuously improving our dedication to empower more youth among the world through ongoing attention to and support of Social Program, Cultural Exchange and Economic aspects. IGN have created a series post-program like YOUTEX & ASIA STUDENT SUMMIT which aims to engage IGN after an event has been followed in ASIAN countries.

This program is expected to motivate IGN to be able more contribute significantly and reach the best achievements in their field, in order to learn and gain knowledge in other countries have never been visited. IGN gives an opportunity to youth leader to know more about the world.


Show concern for a better world with real action


Shows the cultural richness by giving the best show to the world


Became an icon of young entrepreneurs who have many international achievements


  1. To apply for admission, applicants must complete and submit the following documents:
    • Certificates of Achievement
    • Curiculum Vitae
    • Photo Documentation
    • Pass Photo
    • Proposal / Article / portfolios related awards
    • Media Coverage (link website/photo)*
  2. All Requierements send to email:
  3. Deadline to apply is october 15, 2016.