Ramadhan Feisal : Promoting South Kalimantan Culture Through Asia Student Summit 2016

Ramadhan Feisal is a participant in Asia Student Summit 2016 and is usually called Feisal. He’s from Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan. He studies in University of Lambung Mangkurat, majoring in Business Management. Feisal said, ”I am so surprised when I received an email from the committee. It was such an unexpected thing, because I have just tried my last opportunity to be a participant in IYLA’s program that has age limitation”. read more…

Nila Aisyarah in ASS 2016 : Winning Two Medals in Asia Student Summit Has Boosted Her Motivation Up

As a youth, having a big dream and struggling to pursue them is a must. To make it comes true we can start by leaving our comfort zone. At least this is Nila Aisyarah’s belief, a 22 years old girl who participated in Asia Student Summit (ASS) 2016, held by Indonesian Youth Leader Alliance in August.  Due to the implementation of Asean Economic Community this year, she realized the importance in building a wider network, specifically in ASEAN region. read more…

Top 5 University in Japan

Do you want to study in famous university in japan but didn’t know where are they? I’ve collected top 5 university in japan that you want to study there

1. University of Tokyo

read more…

Tips to write Curriculum Vitae or Resume

Tips Writing Curriculum Vitae or Resume. Curriculum Vitae or we know as Resume is quite unique in the process. If we make it to simple, we will marked as lacked ability person. But, if we make it too much, we will marked as arrogant person. Before we make CV, we have to know what the reader want to know in our CV. If we can predict that, we can make our CV more Focused. Do you want to know Tips Writing Curriculum Vitae or Resume? check this out !

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