Greetings and salutations, we are Indonesia Global Network (IGN). We are an organization based in Indonesia dedicated to promote young entrepreneurs, leaders and cultural enthusiasts to the world. In today’s globalization era, it is leaders and entrepreneurs with good understanding of cultural events who stand tall and IGN is committed to establish programs that can expose the youth to the current global demand.

Since its establishment, IGN has been successfully conducting two programs focusing in Asia known as Youth Excursion and Asia Student Summit. Both programs are on the objective of providing strategic platform for the youths, especially Asian, to explore the idea about leadership, education, entrepreneurship, and culture. These programs have allowed young participants to directly acquire the knowledge from the best through our symposium concept and enhance the insight on global business world through our excursion concept. IGN continue to develop its programs as to expand the opportunity for youth leaders to connect for a better world

  • Creating a strategic program to establish cooperation among nations through youth community
  • Accommodating ideas and aspirations from youth leaders to allow exchange of knowledge and information across nations
  • Providing a platform to enhance valuable insights on Leadership, Education, Entrepreneurship, and Culture

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