Hesih Permawati in ASEAN YOUTEX 2016 : Win the achievement of “The Best Team”

Hesih Permawati, College Student at Srwiijaya University from Center Bangka Babel Archipelago province have won a achievement in ASEAN Youth Excursion Singapore 2016. This program theme is “CONNECTING ASEAN YOUTH LEADER TO THE WORLD” and launched by Indonesian Youth Leader Alliance in Singapore.
Hesih is College student at Sriwijaya University and following the physics study program, she is from Center Bangka. she have a chance to be the one of the selected delegate from 50 other youth delegates in ASEAN.
she is active in one of the college activities in her campus. because of her hobby of joining the college organization, she is selected to be college student that represent University Sriwijaya in Regional Event and also National Event.
Hesih and Team’s have achieved the best team in ASEAN Youth Excursion in 9th-13rd May 2016 in Singapore. Hesih said that in this activities the participant have to do a market analytic in some market center in Singapore, like China Town, Bugis Street and Mustafa Center. All Participant must interview the seller and buyer about type, price, and market strategy in there. and the result they have is brought to a analytic discussion with SWOT system ( Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat ) and then, they have to make an video and upload it to YouTube for Promotion Video. As one of the youth that want to make a progress in this nation, hesih want to learn more about how to be a entrepreneur so she can make a contribution and she haven’t try to search for a job, but she can make a job field that not only make a profit for her, but also make a profit for surround her.
“i hope this event will be one of the container for opening an idea for youth about rivalry in the global world and train their skill about critical thinking for make a creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship” she said in the end of the activities

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