Emen Ardiansyah in YOUTEX 2016 Malaysia – Singapore: Win the “Best Participant” and Promoting West Nusa Tenggara in Malaysia

Emen Ardiansyah is a S1 College Student faculty of Economic and Business Mataram University (UNRAM) in Sumbawa. Ardiansyah be the best in the ASEAN Youth Excursion (ASEAN Youtex) on 21st to 24th January 2016 in Malaysia and Singapore. The theme is “BE THE FUTURE LEADER FROM INDONESIA TO ASEAN” and arranged by Indonesian Youth Leader Alliance in Malaysia and Singapore. “This program, ASEAN Youth Excursion 2016 have so many participant from Big Campus in Indonesia, like Indonesia University, Gadjah Mada University, Institute of Agriculture Bogor and Other Campus from around Indonesia and Luckily I’m the Only one College Student of Mataram University that represent Mataram University and West nusa Tenggara” he said.

Emen said that in this ASEAN Youtex 2016 program, participant have to raise their skill in Critical Thinking and have to develop their creative ideas. In the opening of Gala Dinner, he show the Traditional Sumbawa Culture “Ngumang” and Complete it with Sumbawa’s traditional clothing. In the end of program on 24th January 2016 at BOSS Hotel Singapore, Committee makes an Achievement Announcement based on past Activity in Malaysia and Singapore. And according to committee, the one and only that representative West Nusa Tenggara got the achievement “The Best Participant of ASEAN Youtex 2016”

When he asked to give a word to the youth in the end of activity, Emen loudly quoting a statement from the mayor of Bandung, Mr. Ridwan Kamil “This country isn’t need a youth who only talk about others fault. This country needed the one who solve the problem” said Emen.

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