Dedy Syafrizal : College Student form Meranti who become the best in ASEAN YOUTEX 2016

Dedy is a college student from Merbabu Island, Meranti Archipelago. Dedy Syafrizal win achievement of “Best Performance” on ASEAN Youth Excursion ( ASEAN Youtex ) program at Culture Show on 6th May 2016 in Malaysia. to join this program is not easy, not all of the registered participant is selected by committee. because committee will do a screening of your registration form, like ID, Organization Track Record, Your Experience and Your Ability.“This ASEAN Youth Excursion 2016 program is joined by best campus from all around indonesia, like Indonesia University, Gajah Mada university, Institute of Agricultural Bogor, and many more. and Luckily, I’m the one and only Student from University of Riau that represent Riau” said Dedy.

“at Cultural Show in MATIC, Rentak Bullian traditional dance from Indragiri Stream is Chosen to be the culture that shown from us in front of Tourism Minister of Malaysia that represented by Deputy Director for International Promotion. so surprising, this traditional dance is get a warm welcome and appreciation from participant, committee and from Tourism Minister of Malaysia” said Dedy  in the end of the program, the committee announce who will get an achievement based on the result of yesterday activity. based on the result of the committee, the one and only student that represent Riau win the achievement “the best performance” in the Culture Show. and more than that, he brought the name of Riau University to the ASEAN because of winning the achievement of “The Best Participant of ASEAN Youtex 2016”

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