Ramadhan Feisal : Promoting South Kalimantan Culture Through Asia Student Summit 2016

Ramadhan Feisal is a participant in Asia Student Summit 2016 and is usually called Feisal. He’s from Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan. He studies in University of Lambung Mangkurat, majoring in Business Management. Feisal said, ”I am so surprised when I received an email from the committee. It was such an unexpected thing, because I have just tried my last opportunity to be a participant in IYLA’s program that has age limitation”.

Feisal joined in Langkawi Group that consisted of 11 participants (include him). One agenda on Asia Student Summit 2016 is Cultural Exchange. He performed two arts, Madihin and performed a song entitled Ampar – Ampar Pisang. Madihin is a kind of poem which contains sense of humor delivered by using Gendang/Terbang as the instrument and Ampar – Ampar Pisang is one of popular traditional song in Indonesia, mostly Indonesian ever heard this song. Actually, he only practiced for 5 days for those performances. When his turn to perform came, he used a unique blazer called Sasirangan. “I am a little bit nervous, because Madihin is an art that contains a sense humor, I hope they will laugh effortlessly”, he said before performance.

While he was performing Madihin and “Ampar – Ampar Pisang” song, all audiences really enjoyed his performance. Particularly, when he was performing Madihin, all Indonesian laugh effortlessly. Even, after performing there was a guest asked him to take a picture. “I’m so happy, because all audiences looked happy and really enjoyed my performance. Also, I could show two arts of Banjar’s ethnic in front of foreigners”, he said.

When the announcement for the rewards began, the curiousity of the participant is getting higher. Category as the “Best Performance” was announced on the last session and it was belonged to Madihin from South Kalimantan.  Feisal said, “That moment was priceless, because my group also get another award, which was for the Best Video too. These awards were awesome, especially for the experiences and for the Asia Student Summit 2016”.


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