Nila Aisyarah in ASS 2016 : Winning Two Medals in Asia Student Summit Has Boosted Her Motivation Up

As a youth, having a big dream and struggling to pursue them is a must. To make it comes true we can start by leaving our comfort zone. At least this is Nila Aisyarah’s belief, a 22 years old girl who participated in Asia Student Summit (ASS) 2016, held by Indonesian Youth Leader Alliance in August.  Due to the implementation of Asean Economic Community this year, she realized the importance in building a wider network, specifically in ASEAN region.

Because of that reasons, she tried her luck to register as one of the participants of ASS 2016. For her, having cum laude GPA is not enough to be the best. Thus, expanding relationship is her priority at this time. Her goal is to become a professional in the field of marketing and make a fashion company of Indonesian culture typical. Joining this event did not only increase knowledge but also shaped her personality as a leader.

As a student of Marketing at Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia, she wants to enlarge her chances to be part of young Indonesian generation who can compete at least in ASEAN level. By doing so, she can brings out her ideals of Indonesia to the world.

“Indonesia is a rich country in every single aspect. To excel among the ASEAN countries, every citizen in Indonesia must have good human resource quality. Through this event, I got a lot of knowledge, “said Nila.

According to this girl, who had been a reporter at one of the mass media in Indonesia, she was very proud because she could represent Indonesia in international level because for her this opportunity did not come twice.

“I am delighted to be selected as one of delegates in ASS 2016. Because it is my first time to  become delegate in an event in Asian regional scale. This is something new for me and I know that I’ve just taken out of my comfort zone. New friends are new opportunities. We should take advantage of every new opportunity” Nila said.

Having felt of possessing that opportunity, then she tried to perform an Indonesian dance in front of all the participants and invitees. In this event, she paired with Ni Ketut Alit Juli Surasmi who was also her mentor to perform Balinese dance called  Sekar Jagat Dance. Her efforts were not useless because it brought her a medal as the best performance in the culture show session. Not only that, Nila also managed to bring home a medal along with her Langkawi group(participants are divided into several groups during the event) as the best group video.

“Thanks for all the support of friends and Alit who have helped me in everything. This achievement makes me more motivated to learn more about the art and culture of Indonesia and displays them abroad. I will work hard again to look for an opportunity like this and use it well. Not only friend and knowledge, I found a new family in ASEAN “she concluded.



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