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Indonesia Global Network is an NGO and Event Organizer MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, and Exhibition) which was established with the aim of bringing together young people all over the world to cooperate in social movements, business, technology and culture to get to know each other and bring changes for a better world. Through international programs aimed at building leadership skills of young people around the world who have a global thinking, and bring them together to know each other, appreciate, and support one another today and tomorrow in the future. We look forward with programs that we make young generation unite in a single forum to bring the world a better place



Do synergy and cooperation between countries through youth community in order to improve competitiveness and market penetration for advancing economies among nations




To enhance students learning opportunities and gain new inspirations and perspectives from international student communities




Preserve regional culture and present them to the world through youth forums


Social & Leadership


Creating good impact through the program & touching people in need from various locations in the world


Let’s Join us to united Youth Leader in The World

Activities of Youth Excursion 2016 in Malaysia – Singapore, 21st – 24th January 2016

the activities of Youth Excursion is held for 4 Days 3 Nights start from 21st to 24th January 2016. this event is held by IYLA ( Indonesian Youth Leader Alliance ) and cooperated by DIGIDU ( Digital Education ), PPI-M ( Indonesian Student Alliance in Malaysia ) and...
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Hesih Permawati in ASEAN YOUTEX 2016 : Win the achievement of “The Best Team”

Hesih Permawati, College Student at Srwiijaya University from Center Bangka Babel Archipelago province have won a achievement in ASEAN Youth Excursion Singapore 2016. This program theme is “CONNECTING ASEAN YOUTH LEADER TO THE WORLD” and launched by...
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Dedy Syafrizal : College Student form Meranti who become the best in ASEAN YOUTEX 2016

Dedy is a college student from Merbabu Island, Meranti Archipelago. Dedy Syafrizal win achievement of “Best Performance” on ASEAN Youth Excursion ( ASEAN Youtex ) program at Culture Show on 6th May 2016 in Malaysia. to join this program is not easy, not...
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Emen Ardiansyah in YOUTEX 2016 Malaysia – Singapore: Win the “Best Participant” and Promoting West Nusa Tenggara in Malaysia

Emen Ardiansyah is a S1 College Student faculty of Economic and Business Mataram University (UNRAM) in Sumbawa. Ardiansyah be the best in the ASEAN Youth Excursion (ASEAN Youtex) on 21st to 24th January 2016 in Malaysia and Singapore. The theme is “BE THE FUTURE...
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5 Korean Traditional Sport

there are so many traditional sport, game, martial arts from around korea, but i’ve listed for you 5 Korean Traditional Sport. Check this out ! Ssireum ( Korean Wrestling ) Ssireum is somewhat similar to Japanese sumo wrestling, with two opponents trying to wrestle...
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